Chamonix Trail Running Camp


Discover the mountains trails in and around Chamonix by running!
World-class trails, adventurous terrain and a food / accommodation arrangement that will fit perfectly after a day on the trails.


In short:

Do you want to:

- Run on trails in the mountains?

- Get stronger at running altitude meters, both up and down?

- Develop your skills on more technical and adventurous trails?

- Experience trails away from the crowd?

- Meet lots of nice people who also answer yes to the questions above?

There are 3 trips planned for the summer of 2023:

15-22 July. With Ida Nilsson and Morgan Salén

29 July - 5 August. With Morgan Salén

12-19 August. With Sanna and Lina El Kott Helander and Morgan Salén


Level for the trips:

Have the following in mind to know if this is for you or not:
- 20-25 km on trais a few days in the row.
- Its not mandatiry to haev run a bigger race or so, the most important is that you enjoy running.
- Need to be used to move on trails.
- Pace: 6-6.30 min/km on flat trail. Cover about 4-500 vertical meters and hour. If you struggle to know about your vertical speed thats totaly fine, thats what this trip is there to explore.


We will be moving to trails. Sometimes these trails a very easy, sometimes they are a bit more technical and sometimes they are way to bumpy for running to be an option. We simply adapt. 
It is worth noting that some of the climbs and verticals that we do are so steep and consistent that they will be covered by walking. Some days we might do more than an hour or two before starting to run again. Seldom will we be running for more than 30-45 minutes before walking or taking a break. All this in order to be able to move the whole day.

If you have any questions regarding the info above, send an email to Morgan. Info can be found further down.

Small snippets of running around Chamonix from Morgan. Outade info in the end, but the mountains remains. LINK

15-22 July trip. 
This trip is with Ida Nilsson this year. Super strong runner that is fun to be out with on adventures. She took the silver at the trail running world championships 2022 at the 80km race. And she has done loads of other races. Ida is very experienced in training and she is coaching runners to reach the next goals, so be prepared to learn alot. 
NOTE: This week is not for people with vertigo. You need to have spent some time in exposed terrain. Not specificly climbing, but airy terrain will be encountered. 
Price: 16900 Sek. Minimum 8 people, max 10.

29 July - 5 August

This trip is being held with a smaller group. The guide Morgan Salén is taking a group of 5-6 runners around for the week. Slightly higher tempo than the other trips. The small group is giving us the option to pick some more obscure and strange places to go to, good times ahead!
Price 15900 Sek. Minimum 5 people. Max 6.

12 - 19 August.

On this trip we get the company of the Elkotts sisters. Sanna and Lina. Check them out, feel good mode and happy times are being promised. 
Price 16900 Sek. Minimum 10 people, max 12.

Program for the weeks

Da 1: Saturday. 
Arrival day with meeting at the hotel. 

Day 2 Sunday - Day 7, Friday.
The idea is easy. We choose a new objective everyday. All based on weather, how the group feels, where we will encounter the least people and have the most fun, and so on. We wont set up specific tours, rather choose after what feels like the right thing in the evening before. The adventure mindset must not go away!
In the evenings there is and endless supply of places to eat around town.

Day 8, Saturday. Departure day. No running. Own acitivities if there is time.

Bed in doubble room at Hotel Pointe Isabelle for 7 nights.
- Food: Breakfast for 7 days.
- Guide for all days.
- Transport during the week
- Loads of good running

Not included:
Personal gear
- Lift ticket. We might end up taking the advatage of using the lifts a day or two, but its not sure, so we have chosen not to include it.
- Transport to Chamonix
- Lunches. They will vary, somtimes lunchpacks from the hut, sometimes in a hut along the way. 15-20 euros/person/lunch.
- Dinners. Same idea here as with the lift tickets and lunches, choose not to create a package so people can pick freely. 

When you have booked you will get a confiramtion with a link to an online invoice. 
You can pay by wire transfer or by card. 

Surely, there are questions that comes to mind, please mail: to get the answers. 



Please use the form if you have any questions or want us to contact you.