The Skiers Haute Route - Andermatt – Engelberg - Urner Skitour

Staying in Mountain Huts

During the week we will be staying in different mountain huts. In French these are known as Refuge (pronounced Refysch) and in Italian Refugio. These are simple mountain hotels, serving breakfast and dinners. You can also buy water and chocolatebars to take with you on the mountain. Some huts can accommodate over 100 people and we usually sleep in dorms of 10-20 people in the same room.

Travel Sheets / sleeping Sheet
There are blankets in the Huts but you need to bring a sleeping sheet/ travel sheets (not a sleeping bag). We recommend the lightest possible in silk (about 200g). These can be bought in Chamonix or in well-stocked sports shops.

Cards or Cash
Most Huts accept credit cards but not all of them and not for smaller amounts. Bring cash for small purchases.

Heating only in the dining room
The Huts has no heating in the rooms and is usually only heated in the dining room where we spend the evenings. The dorms have plenty of blankets and it is rarely cold during sleep.

The headlamp is needed during early mornings out on the mountain but also in the Huts. The light usually go out at night to save power (often through their own diesel powered generator).

It is good to bring earplugs.

Some Huts have running water for washing, but it is not drinking water. The toilets are simple standard and is sometimes a outhouse.


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