Arctic combo – off-piste, heli-ski and ski touring in Sweden and Norway


Heli-skiing, off-piste in Narvik, ski touring in pristine mountain terrain and by the Norwegian fjords

Six days of skiing with a mountain guide who will share knowledge about avalanches, safety equipment, snow and navigation, etc. We are staying at Gratangen Hotelll overlooking the fjord. From here you will explore the best of the skiing in the Arctic region.  

During the week we have one day of heli-skiing and we plan it so that we get the most out of the helicopter time. The price includes one hour of efficient flight time. With our experienced guides it will be a day that you will remember. We will also go off-piste skiing from Narviksfjellet's lifts. The view of the beautiful fjords and the Atlantic Ocean makes the experience complete. This week also includes two to three days of ski touring. Depending on weather conditions, we select the best tour for your group. We plan trips to the summits around the fjords in the Narvik area.

Gratangen Fjällhotell is owned and operated by Magnus Strand. It is an classic mountain hotel built in 1928 overlooking the fjord. The surroundings are beautiful, there are hundreds of ski touring summits within day tour distances, you can drive 45 minutes to Riksgränsen for heli-skiing and if the conditions are right in Lofoten we can make a day trip there too. It is also only 45 minutes away from Evenes/Harstad airport, with airlines who offer cheap flights from Oslo.

Preliminary weekly program
Day 1, Sunday – arrival
In the evening you meet with the mountain guide for the week and go through the questions and equipment.

Day 2, Monday – ski touring
Weather and wind will determine our choice, today's goal is an alpine tour with around 700-800 vertical meters. If we go for Melkefjell, Spanstind or Rivtind we will get views of the ocean as a bonus.

Day 3, Tuesday – off-piste skiing in Narvik
We rely on lifts at Narviksfjellet, there we will find very nice easy-accessed off-piste skiing. If we need to get away a bit we will hike a shorter distance or put the skins on. Your mountain guide will show you the secret places to ski, everything with the spectacular view of the fjords and the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 4, Wednesday – heli-skiing
We will have a nice full day of heli-skiing, with an hour of helicopter flight time for ourselves. It may not sound much but with our experienced mountain guides and pilots, it means a day of at least 5 000 vertical meters skiing. Having our own helicopter makes finding good powder much easier for the guide. Many guests testify that this is the best heli-skiing in Europe and we are confident that this day will be a lifelong memory. We may finish with one ski tour to get maximum skiing out of our helicopter time.

Day 5, Thursday – ski touring
The Sleeping Queen has got its name from the contour of the mountain, a beautiful silhouette of a woman lying down where you can see the forehead, nose and chin. The view from the top is just as breathtaking and it is a nice mountain for ski touring.

Day 6, Friday – ski touring
Today we will go to Rombakstøtta. This impressive mountain above the fjord Rombak has one of the most magnificent views imaginable. Here, we will probably need to use crampons and ice axes close to the summit. If the conditions further out on Lofoten are good, we will make a ski touring day trip out there.

Day 7, Saturday – ski touring or off-piste skiing
Narvik is classic ski soil with lots of off-piste opportunities. 

Day 8, Sunday – departure day



• One day heli-skiing with a mountain guide. Effective flight time included is 1.5 hour approx 5-7 runs depending on area we fly in.
• Training and guide service by certified mountain guide (UIAGM/IFMGA) for 6 days
• Loans of avalanche safety equipment (shovel, probe and transceiver)
• Loans of ice axes, harness and crampons
• Transfer from and to Narvik Evenes Flygplats
• Transportation by minibus throughout the week
• Accommodation 7 nights at Gratangen Fjällhotell, in a double room. Private rooms can be booked at an additional charge subject to availability.
• Breakfast, picnic-lunch (made at breakfast) and dinner (homemade 2 course dinner) 

Not included
• Personal equipment
• Lift passes
• Travel to/from Riksgränsen

More information
Please note that it takes at least 5 participants per trip for us to carry out the week for the price listed below. (5 participants and 1 guide is max in the helicopter)

If you have any questions about this trip, feel free to e-mail  or call +46702494700


Number of days: 6 days skiing, including 6 days with guide, 7 nights accommodation

Price: from 28 800 sek per person (the price is based on request of a private group, minimum of 5 participants)

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