Lead Climbing, Rock Climbing Course in Stockholm, Sweden

Learn trail climbing outdoors on bolted trails.

This is the course for you who have top rope climbed before and have a green card who now want to learn to lead climb on bolted routes and get a red card to be able to lead climb independently, both outdoors and indoors.

Course content
• Build a stand and top rope anchor
• Route climbing on bolted belays
• Secure the first person when climbing
• Rock climbing technique
• Construction of belay anchor and belay
• Knots and rope management for trail climbing
• Security, Commands and Emergency Preparedness
• Clear joints and rebuild anchors
• Escalation for red card

Course objectives
The goal of the course is for you to learn to climb on bolted joints and be able to safely secure a climber. You must also become comfortable with anchor building and abseiling in order to be able to climb trails on your own.

Who should participate?
You who have experience in top rope climbing and a green card who now want to take the next step.
The course is also suitable for those who have taken a red card and want to improve their skills for outdoor trail climbing.

Red card
If you don't already have a red card before, it is included in this course.

The courses in Stockholm are given in different sections. We are usually on the first day in Häggsta in Huddinge. But sometimes also on other cliffs, you will receive more information in an email after booking.
Day 2 can be different when the instructor knows more about the participants' level.

Normally we are in Stockholm. But for groups, we can also arrange courses in other places in Sweden such as Gothenburg, Bohuslän

Collection before course
We gather in a place that can be reached by public transport.
If you want, you can come directly to the rock with your own car. Your instructor will provide more information about the meeting place when you book.

You probably have your own equipment and then of course you use it because knowing your own equipment is an important part. However, all equipment needed during the course is included if you are missing something.
Student discount and lower price on weekdays
Most often, the courses are given 2 days after each other, eg Saturday-Sunday. But for those of you who can take the course on weekdays, we give a discount and the courses on weekdays cost SEK 3150 per person.